Paulaner Brauhaus – Grand Indonesia Mall

Hi again guys ! Are you looking to have a meaty feast ? Or maybe just a good conversation over some ice-cold beer ? Look no more ! Paulaner Brauhaus is the perfect venue for some German centrally located in Jakarta.

I wanted to have a meet up with a friend from Melbourne, and with Jakarta’s amazing food scene, we were torn with where to go. We decided to meet at Grand Indonesia and ended up here over at Paulaner’s !

Pretzel – 28k

What could be more German than Pretzels, right ? Oh wait ! Pretzels and beer ! I was craving for some original German pretzels, last I had a decent one was over a year ago in Sydney. The pretzel was served cold (room temperature-ish) and was super salty, a bit too salty for me. But it was okay with a spread of butter. It smelled really nice as well, it’s definitely not the best but was pleasant overall.

Crispy Pork Knuckle (to share) – 357k

We knew we had to order their Crispy Pork Knuckle, so we did. We even ordered a whole one to share. It was really big, and the skin was crispy on most parts, chewy on some, but all-around fatty ! LOL. It really is a sinful dish. This could feed 2-3 people comfortably. We did order some sausages that I did not snap pics of. Pardon my hungry self that had no self control whatsoever at the time !

To comment on the sausages, they were really good. And I love the complimentary mustard on the table, it goes really well with all the meat (sausages and pork knuckle).

Mango Bingo, Black Bart & Radler – 69k / each 0.3 l

Since it was happy hour (5pm – 7pm) when I came, they had a buy 2 get 1 free promo. We ordered flavored beers at 300 ml. Their beers were really sweet and not bitter at all. Since I’m not a fan of alcohol or hard liquor, I personally prefer beer this way, so for me it was reallllyyyy good ! Went well with my salty pretzel too !

This was not my first visit to Paulaner, and I have ordered a few different dishes. I feel that compared to the huge Pork Knuckle, their Paulaner Platter (includes a small cut of cripsy pork knuckle) is more worthit as it has a variety of meat choices ! But of course, that comes back to preference.

NaomiPunya tips :

  • Do come to have some meat and beer ! 
  • I would opt out for their Paulaner Platter when I come to visit again

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