Exploring Gaudi

Hi guys ! Back again with a new travel post, this time we’ll head to the beautiful Barcelona. As an architect major, I think it would only be proper of me to dedicate a whole post to the man himself, Antoni GaudiSo this one’s for you Mister, this is us exploring Gaudi ! 

Casa Batllo

I’m going to be totally honest here, due to limited time in Barcelona, we didn’t go into the Casa Batllo. Instead we only stood in awe of it from afar. So I really don’t know much about this building, except that it looks amazing and there is always a crowd of people taking pictures of it. Sorry I can’t be of much help here guys. 

I can recommend you to have a look at Mark Wien’s Barcelona travel blog if you want to understand more about the Casa Batllo.

Casa Batlo 1Casa Batlo

Official Website of La Pedrera (Casa Mila): https://www.casabatllo.es/en/

Casa Mila

Casa Mila

Casa Mila or also commonly known as La Pedrera is centrally located in Barcelona and is not hard to reach at all on foot. It’s on the corner of a street and even from across you can tell this is no ordinary building, but instead it’s a work of art.

La Pedrera 1RooftopLa PedreraCasa Mila View

Once we enter into Casa Mila, the self guided tour is being divided into three sections of the building, the rooftop, the attic & the apartments. We start from the top where we can marvel at the interesting mask-like figures. From the roof, you can also look into the courtyard that provides for natural lighting into the apartment. Aside from enjoying the incredible details, we can also enjoy views of Barcelona from a higher viewpoint.

Casa Mila InteriorCasa Mila Interior 4Casa Mila Interior 3

After roaming around the rooftop, you go down a level to the attics. This is an interesting part of Casa Mila, as yes we get to feel the attic space, but in any house, attics are usually a space we leave dusty for storage, or we might turn it into an extra study that no one barely enters. However, they used this space as an education bit of the tour where we can learn about how Gaudi gets his ideas from, and how he concepts a building design. It was interesting as we got to look into a glimpse of Gaudi’s mind.

Casa Mila Interior 2Casa Mila Interior 1

If you thought the rooftop and attic was cool, the apartments were even better in my opinion. Pictures does not do it justice, so I’m sorry for the lack of pictures but really, this is a bit you must be there to experience. The apartments represent what most housing would look like inside a typical flat, it was nice to walk through a home and see how they used to live. I especially loved this part because it felt really nice being taken back in time into a stranger’s home.

I would very much recommend anyone fascinated with architecture to visit the Casa Mila. Ticket prices ranges from €22 to €41 depending on which ticket option you choose. We got the La Pedrera by Day Premium ones that cost €29. The reason being we wanted the flexibility of choosing when to visit Casa Mila.

Official Website of La Pedrera (Casa Mila)https://www.lapedrera.com/en/home 

La Sagrada Familia

Here we are at our final spot. The La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s never ending artwork. It’s a shame that Gaudi himself cannot see his masterpiece come to life.

La Sagrada Familia

It’s interesting how till today, the La Sagrada is still under construction. It seems as if there is always work to be done. It is said to finish constructing in the year 2026.

The La Sagrada Familia can be reached on foot, but it takes quite a walk. Once at the La Sagrada, it is filled with crowds from local travelers to huge group tours. I pre-booked my tickets online along with a visit to the towers and used an e-ticket on my smartphone to enter. Very convenient !

La Sagrada Familia 1La Sagrada InteriorLa Sagrada View 1

There is a short queue for people who have pre-booked tickets online, but you have to reach at the exact time you choose. Upon entering, it was simply stunning. High ceilings, large tall columns and a sense of peace. I would say that its interior looks much more beautiful compared to its exterior, but that’s just my opinion. The reason I love the interior so much is because of the stained glass. The way the light enters and color the room is just magical.

La Sagrada ViewStaircase

We went up to one of the towers at the La Sagrada (Nativity Facade), after having read reviews online, most people went to the Nativity so that’s where we went to as well. It’s interesting to go up the towers as we get to be up close with the building in narrow spaces. However, if you’re afraid of heights, get dizzy easily or if you have claustrophobia then this wouldn’t be recommended. Spaces are small and stairs are steep, you can tell from the spiral downward staircase of how scary it can get.

We paid €29 each for the tickets which included access to the towers. It was quite annoying that we had to book exact times, but this is to prevent overcrowding. Tickets to access only the La Sagrada Familia will cost about €15 per person.

Official Website of La Sagrada Familiahttp://www.sagradafamilia.org/en/

Parc Guell

Another awesome place built by Gaudi is the Parc Guell which we sadly didn’t get to visit as well. What a bummer ! It rained the whole day so we had to cancel our plans to Parc Guell. So no pictures for this one, sorry ! Well, I hope this means I get to visit Barcelona again someday !

Thanks for checking out and having a read on this post guys. Stay tuned for more and please subscribe if you find anything on here interesting !


6 thoughts on “Exploring Gaudi

  1. Enjoyed your post!
    Was Casa Mila worth the visit? I thought the ticket is quite expensive for the size of building and what they offer for comparing to something like La Sagrada Familia.


    1. Thank you ! You can take the one with scheduled times for €22. I think it is worth the visit as you get to go up the rooftop for stunning views and into the apartments which I find interesting. Compared to the La sagrada, i would describe casa mila as a more intimate experiene tho, its like entering into someones home 🙂
      Hope this helps !

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