Montserrat – Serrated Mountains of Catalunya

Hello ! This next post is about one of the coolest natural places I’ve ever visited ! Just an hour away from Barcelona, here I am at Montserrat.

Montserrat 2

Aren’t the rock formations interesting ? The view is absolutely breathtaking from up there, and the stories even more so. So Montserrat translates directly to serrated mountain, and as you can tell it directly describes the landscape.

We used an afternoon tour by Julia Travels to visit Montserrat (link down below), but you can go yourself by train as well. I would suggest the day tour for people who don’t want the hassle and don’t mind paying a bit extra for a guide to show you around. However, using a day tour means you have limited time and can’t really experience everything about Montserrat. We only had about an hour of free time, and that wasn’t really enough to hike up at different view points of Montserrat. If you want to do a bit of trekking and photography , I would highly recommend going by yourself to enjoy more of the scenery.

Montserrat 3Montserrat 1MontserratMontserrat 4

Okay let’s start at the top, when using a tour, our bus will stop at the bottom of the mountain and we can go up by a cogwheel train that take about 10 minutes (included in my ticket; but tours vary). The trains are very spacious and friendly for anyone to ride on. Once you’re up there, you can start exploring, there is a canteen, hotel, and it’s pretty much like a very small town. The tour starts by explaining some myths of Montserrat and why rocks are shaped in a certain way. Then more stories of how these rocks are the giants guarding Montserrat and there is an establishment that locals believe is the devil at the very top of the hill.

Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey

Then we make our way into the basilica to see the Virgin of Montserrat as our tour guide explains how people believe that when they touch her, miracles can happen. She is also a symbol of fertility. I actually also went up to the Black Virgin just to take a look and people usually go to her to make a prayer. It was really interesting to learn about all this culture and tradition.

Inside the basilica is a quiet place of prayer and the Black Virgin is located in the center. You can tell how beautiful and peaceful it is. It really is a breathtaking inside, I love the interior and details on the walls and ceilings.

CandlesCandles 1

When we make our way out of the Basilica, there are many candles being lined up but I’m not too sure what they are for. All the colors are really pretty though !

Our final stop was at the gift shop where we did some liquor tasting. Their Crema Catalana de Montserrat was delicious ! A small bottle will cost you around €12 so they make really nice gifts. We didn’t really purchase anything at the gifts shop but there were many souvenirs regarding the Catholic faith which look really nice. Sadly I don’t understand too much about it and can’t explain more.

The day tour costed us €55 per person for a return trip and a guided tour, we also got to do some liquor tasting so that was really fun ! But if you want to save some money and enjoy more of Montserrat, I would recommend riding the train and exploring more instead, because there are so many nice photo spots I didn’t get to see still. The whole tour lasted about 4 and a half hours departing Barcelona central (Julia Travel’s office downtown) at three in the afternoon.

Montserrat 5

Overall, I had an awesome time, and the tour is good for play-safe first-timers like myself. If you want to take the same tour that I did, you can visit the link below !

Official Website of Julia Travel:

Thanks for stopping by my page and having a read at this post ! Cheers !


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