Getting Lost in Barcelona

Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Rich in culture, art, history and architecture, this makes Barcelona every photographer’s dream and every traveller’s paradise.

I was excited to visit Barcelona for its photogenic streets and stunning buildings. My boyfriend on the other hand was interested in only one thing, football. He’s been a fan of FCB since he was little, so visiting Barcelona and watching a match at Camp Nou was a dream come true. Barcelona holds a very special place in Michael’s heart, so we decided to do a couple photo shoot whilst we were there.

Orlando was our photographer for the whole shoot, he is a professional wedding photographer based in Barcelona. He guided us through a friendly walk in Barcelona while taking our pictures, without him, we would definitely be lost in Barcelona. I will put links to his website down below. But in the meantime, you can enjoy the pictures he took for me and Michael as you scroll down.


We met at the Arco de Triunfo at nine in the morning and walked into a park, if I’m not mistaken it’s called Parc de la Ciutadella. We took some pictures in the outdoors, but not long after, we went into a green house and did more pictures there.

It wasn’t exactly easy slipping into model mode, as both of us are extremely camera shy. But with the help of a good photographer to light up the mood, we tried making the best of our time.


After taking pictures at the park, we head down to the magical streets of El Born. The streets really are very beautiful and photogenic. Why ? I felt that the streets of El Born gave off a very festive mood, there were ornaments and decorations being hung across balconies, this was what made it unique.


Not long after taking a few snaps in the narrow streets, we went to Museu Frederic Marès for some indoor pictures. When doing the shoot, I didn’t realise how amazing the pictures would turn out, the ambience given off by the museum was nice and romantic, this was especially seen in the pictures. After a quick session at the museum we visited our final stop, the Barcelona Cathedral. We also arrived just in time as it started to rain ! Phew Lucky us !


This concludes our brief photo session in Barcelona, the whole photo shoot lasted for an hour plus. Luckily for us we had Orlando who is not only a talented photographer, but a great guide to nice picture spots in Barcelona. One thing I realised about this city is that, even if we lost our way, every corner is beautiful and the journey back is always interesting.


“Special thanks to our photographer Orlando for helping us do our shoot. We had a great time and it was lovely to meet you and Julia ! Hope we can meet again in the future either in Barcelona or any part of the world. Cheers friend !” – Michael & Naomi

To those of you planning to visit Barcelona and do a shoot of your own, feel free to visit Orlando’s website and see his other portfolios. He did an amazing job, Michael and I would most definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer !

Orlando’s official Website


13 thoughts on “Getting Lost in Barcelona

  1. I had a chance to work with a photographer in Paris and really enjoyed it. But I love how you got so much more of the city by going on a walk! I’ll have to remember that if I do it again. Everything is so beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Cynthia ! That’s nice, I believe Paris must’ve been beautiful, I’ve never been yet. Cheers to more travels this 2017 🙂


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