Football & Tapas – Barcelona

Football. Barcelona is famous for this word aloneWell, Spain is.. But for reals, fans of Barcelona football club, back me up here !

So in all honesty, I’m not the greatest football fan, not an enthusiast of any sport either, and you can probably tell by my not-so athletic body, or by what I mostly blog about, food. So I’m probably the least professional person you will ever find on the internet discussing this topic. So why read on ? Because, I have a little tapas experience to share if you would scroll down below. Okay, enough small talk, let’s discuss Camp Nou and the match !

Messi 1Camp NouAudience 2AudienceAudience 1

The pictures are just amazing right !! Wow, the atmosphere standing inside the Camp Nou is just surreal. You are literally standing in the middle of where history happens. And I love how everyone puts on a Barcelona outfit or accessory to show their support, to express their love and pride ! The greatest part is when …. oh wait, I don’t want to jump there just yet. So when the team is practising, we can stand wherever there is space and support them, take pictures, as the match isn’t starting yet. Once that whistle blows to signal kick-off is starting, we should all be seated nicely according to our tickets. So yeah, during their warm up, we get to be really up close with the footballers.

The match I watched was Barcelona against Osasuna, so there were many players like Suarez, Neymar and Iniesta who didn’t make it to the match. Shuckss, but oh well. This means I should definitely come back to watch another match ! YAASS.

Ter StegenMessi

Did you spot Messi ? This was me attempting to get nice shots of the players, but it really wasn’t easy ! With my amateur camera skills and entry level DSLR, this was the best I could do guys. Sorry about that ! But let’s talk more about the game and my first experience watching a live Barca game.

I’ve watched other teams before as they do friendly games and tours around the world. One I remember watching was Manchester City vs. A.S Roma in Melbourne. I must say, this match is nothing like it ! You have to be here, in the city itself, supporters from all over the world watching, yet most supporters are from home, and that was what, in my opinion, made it super special. I love how they cheer and sing about Barca ! But what I loved most was how they chant “MESSI, MESSI, MESSI”. You can hear the love and support, the togetherness was amazing ! This match is really a minor game in the league and Barcelona scored 7 – 1. So we witnessed 7 goals ! Amazing righttt. I just knew the crowd would stand up during every goal, so the camera-holding, instagram-posting, hot-dog eating me would always be 5 seconds late. It’s fun to see how every fan is on the edge of their seats waiting for Messi (or just anyone) to score a goal !

Really guys, this is an experience of a lifetime and I would highly recommend anyone, fan or not, to catch a game here.

Messi 500The WalkTeamPique

That pretty much sums up my first ever Barcelona game experience, it was over really fast, and not boring at all to watch the game live. I’m not sure what the exact correct terms are, but I reckon I sat in the Cat 1 Premium area, we had really good seats. Much closer to the action but didn’t really have that panoramic view you would get by sitting up high on the corner. So where to sit would depend on what feel you’re going for. Do you want to get up close with the players, or do you want to enjoy the atmosphere from the top. Just like when going to concerts. Of course, at Camp Nou, all the views are amazing and you can perfectly see the game.

I have some selfies of myself at Camp Nou, will upload them at the bottom of this blog.

Okay, so aside from football, I combine my only tapas experience on one post. I didn’t do much research and honestly, the whole time my boyfriend and I were in Barcelona we had loads of junk food. So we took a night out to enjoy some good tapas !


We had dinner at Ciudad Condal that is located in the centre of Barcelona, only a few minutes walk from Placa de Catalunya. It was extremely close from our hotel too. I don’t remember the exact price for every dish, but I remembered it costing around €35 for the two of us without alcohol. 

It is quite pricey, but then again it is a fancy and delicious dinner ! They have their regular menu and a seasonal seafood menu, we ordered some razor clams off the specials menu and it was one of the freshest clams I’ve ever had. My boyfriend don’t usually eat exotic dishes like these, but he enjoyed the fried small fishes and even the clams ! The deep fried green peppers gave a good balance to all the seafood and it was nice sitting on the outdoor while having small plates of food. Of all the dishes, our favourite though, was the potato fries and egg ! It was nice, crispy, gooey yolk, tasty and overall a dish anyone would enjoy !

I would easily recommend this restaurant, the staff are really friendly as well. Of course, you can also do your research and find out more amazing places to eat in Barcelona.

So this pretty much concludes my football and tapas experience here in Barcelona, and as promised, some selfie pics at Camp Nou !


We got our face painted Barcelona too ! Here’s a quick glimpse of what is inside the Barcelona Megastore. Three whole levels of red and blue, fans can definitely spend hours here and still not get enough.

Well, thanks for reading this post guys ! Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for whatever is up next !





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