Warbiku – Muara Karang

Hey guys ! It’s been awhile since my last food blog. Bringing you an awesome porky review of the most hyped food scene in North Jakarta yet. Warbiku ! It serves Indomie (only the awesome-most instant noodles in the world) with juicy deep-fried pork belly !


The place is really nice and comfortable ! It’s indoors and air-conditioned with clean tables and chairs. There is a smoking area outdoors too, so fear not smokers ! There were also a few games that you can play while waiting for the food or after your meal. So in my opinion it makes a nice hang-out place.

Okayy, so sadly I came here during the Ramadan season and their chef was on leave, so we were only left with 3 menus to choose from. It was quite sad but we tried making the best out of it !

Nasi Babi Sambal Matah
Nasi Babi Goreng Sambal Matah + Fried Egg – 40k
Indomie Babi Thai
Babi Goreng Thai + Fried Egg – 40k
Indomie Babi Sambal Matah L
Indomie Babi Goreng Sambal Matah + Fried Egg – 40k

I really wanted to try their salted egg pork but they were out, so these three were what I ordered. *I’m not too sure about the pricing guys, but it costs around Rp. 40k per plate of pork dish + eggs !

Their Indomie is very standard, just cooked normally but the pork and chilli is what made it something else. The pork meat was deep fried so it’s crunchy but the inside was still tender and juicy. Well done guys ! I also love the runny sunny side up, I usually am not a fan of runny yolks, but I felt it goes perfectly with the noodles and pork. I want to try their poached version next time though.

Their  sambal matah was quite nice and spicy although not overly spicy. It was a bit dry and not too oily, so you guys can be the judge of how you like your sambal. I also felt that they don’t use enough, or maybe none at all, of lemongrass that really gives the matah chilli a kick. I felt the matah is suited to Jakarta’s taste and not too similar as the Bali version. I personally prefer a more authentic Balinese version though. Their Thai sauce is basically sweet chilli sauce that tastes kind of store bought, I’m not a fan but it you like sweet chilli then you might opt for the Thai instead.

Warbiku is one of the first Indomie joints that uses pork meat instead of your usual canned meat. I would recommend this place to any pork lover, it is priced higher than most instant noodle warungs, but they use real pork meat so that’s a plus ! Really wish I could say more about this place but my dish options were limited when I visited. So here is my quick review for now. I’ll definitely be back, stay tuned fellas !

Warbiku Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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