Live to Tell

Hi guys !

Won’t be sharing any of my travel experiences on this post, but I might just let a few stories slip-out as I rant on (no guarantees !).

So, what is this post about anyway ?

A wise man once told me that money spent on travel is money well spent ! Some people choose to spend their money on material things like cars, branded goods and gadgets, and I’m not saying that it’s wrong, it’s just their lifestyle and it’s totally fine. I love buying the random-est things myself, but I’ll always set aside some money and time to explore new places, re-live old ones or plan a getaway with my friends and family.

The reason I love travelling so much is the story I get to keep forever in my heart. An even greater reason is sharing these stories with my friends and family. The story of eating the freshest prawns in Cairns, bathing butt-naked in Japan or meeting an Aborigine-descent barista near the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. I believe, that we all live to tell. To tell our kids the tales that our parents once told us. Little do you know that these tales were perhaps not mere stories but the lives of people in the past.

We don’t necessarily have to travel, we might even share about something from our own backyard, or something we see on our way to work. There is no such thing as a boring day. But for us to be able to tell these stories, we have to be living in the moment, we can’t expect to describe a situation if we have our body at one place and our mind at another. We have to fully be there, body, mind and soul.

Okay, so this is getting a little bit deep.. but what now ?

Now, is the time we start living to our fullest. Living to your fullest doesn’t mean being proactive and everywhere at once, it doesn’t mean signing up for all the clubs at Uni or playing all kind of sports and doing charity twice a week. I truly believe, we live to our fullest when we are one-hundred percent present anywhere we are. When we are fully present for a friend in need, or during family gatherings. When we have dinner and our eyes aren’t glued to the screen of our smartphones. Or giving your all when working that report at the office (typing this post as I sit in my office, I’m not a hypocrite, just leaving room for improvements! loljokes). But seriously, I am correcting and improving myself everyday, to become the best version of me I can be.

Be one-hundred percent wherever it is you are, and you will observe, experience and get so much more than having your mind wander to where you’d rather be. Because trust me, sometimes we’d all prefer to ditch a terrible lunch with that distant cousin, or escape a wedding reception your partner drags you to. But let’s all try to be 100% wherever we are, let’s make sure to fully live so we can fully tell, and life might just surprise you !

Alright, thanks for reading this piece and have a great morning, day or night wherever you are fellas !


2 thoughts on “Live to Tell

  1. Thanks for sharing Naomi, I agree with you, I come from a place where there are not many experiences that I can do or get, and travelling gave me so much that I am one of those people that rather pay for experience than luxury goods. And to be 100% present is a quality time that is now undermined and almost non-existing. On a gathering, there is always one that check social media, wondering what people on the other side are doing instead of those in front of them. Next time, I would take photo of that person and send it to them so that they realise :p

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